7 Ways to Carry Your Hoop on a Bike

By Kyle Petersen

Spring is in full bloom, which means it’s hoop season and bicycle season. Unfortunately, cycling with you hoop can be cumbersome. Take a look at these creative techniques for biking with your hoop:

A man carrying many hoops on a moped

Handlebar-mounted hoop

Special rear wheel hoop mount

Elegant seat post mount

Classic shoulder technique

Hooping while riding

Don't forget to lock your hoop up!

Of course, the easiest way to carry a hoop on a bicycle is just to buy one of our collapsible hoops. Easy to put together and extremely portable, simplify your life and eliminate the hoopla!

Troo Hoops hoop bag

One Response to 7 Ways to Carry Your Hoop on a Bike

  1. Paul Shams says:

    Ha Ha Ha… enjoyed some of the tricks, especially the first one. I’m wondering how he got off his bike later? And to carry a hoop at night, he sure needed a bicycle lights led to reach his destination properly. Anyway, some of the methods are really applicable.

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