Figment 2012 and HELLO!100

by Rigel Sarjoo

Last weekend, I attended this year’s FIGMENT NYC festival on Governors Island and participated in HELLO!100: A Dance for 100 Hoopers. The 9-minute piece was choreographed by Bex Burton last year, when it was staged at Figment and at other hoop festivals as HELLO! A Spontaneous Dance for an Infinite Number of Hoopers: An Epic Tale of True Love.

It was a trek for me to get to Governors Island all the way from Long Island, so my collapsible Quattro hoop from Troo Hoops came in handy.

The dance was performed twice each day, once at 2PM and again at 4PM. Here are some shots from Sunday:

Bex gives us final instructions and a run-through of the choreography before we go on at 2PM.

Between performances, the Figment Peace Parade stopped at Picnic Point (where HELLO!100 was performed), and we hoopers joined in for a spontaneous jam/dance party.

Bex reminded us to save some energy for our 4PM performance. Here is the final video from Whitaker Films. Thanks to Bex, all the hoopers who performed, and everyone else involved for a wonderful weekend and spectacular performances!

One Response to Figment 2012 and HELLO!100

  1. bex says:

    Thanks for the write up Rigel! I was so very happy you could join the dance at Figment. Our short film of Sunday’s performances will be released later this summer!
    all love,bex

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