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Collapsible PolyPro Hoops


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Super Grip Tape (Add $15)

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Polypro Hoops are made from a thin, super lightweight polypropylene. This material is loved for its responsiveness and springiness. It is recommended for advanced hoop dancers and performance. Fast spin. Great for upper body, off the body tricks and breaks. Available in 3/4" and 5/8" tubing diameters. Please read our **warranty information** before ordering.

The Quattro Hoop is constructed with 4 sections of tubing that disconnect via button snaps to inside our hoop bag.

Our ultra-portable Pocket Hoop is constructed with 8 sections of tubing that disconnect via button snaps to fit inside our hoop bag AND inside carry-on luggage.

Put the grip exactly where you need it! A single strip of 1/2" cloth tape on the interior of your hoop provides just enough grip without the added weight. For that extra edge add the Super Grip Tape for an additional $15.

Two tapes wind around the clean and bold-as-you-want-it-to-be collapsible Twist Hoop. Tapes can be matching cloth tapes for a solid color, contrasting cloth tapes or prismatic tape with cloth tape.

No tape Blank Do-It-Yourself.

A thin strip of cloth along the inside of the hoop provides added grip.

Jazz Hoops are made with two shimmering prism tapes. Use two of the same color for a stunning monochromatic shine, or contrast the tapes for something a little more funky. Hoop sections are sealed with clear tape.

Jazz Hoops do not feature cloth grip tape and thus may not be suitable for beginners. Recommended for intermediate to advanced hoopers

Bright one-inch cloth tape spiral wraps over a collapsible black hoop, creating a vivid contrast on the Swing Hoop.

Overwhelmed? Why not choose from our selection of classic hoops.

Allisun took her 8-piece Pocket hoop to the Mayan Ruins of Tulum, Coba, and Chichen Itza.

Sean teaches waist hooping 101 for beginners with a 39 in Sport Weight Troo Hoop from our NYC store. Thanks Sean!

Sarabelle hoops with joy in the woods.

Michael Ellis hooping with his Troo Hoops Pocket Twist on the roof of Africa,Mt. Kilimanjaro, on February 9, 2010 with

"Awesome" Kyle Petersen unicycling while hooping while juggling. See more about Kyle's multi-talents on his website.

2 easy breaks (reversals) while hooping on the waist.
Tutorial by Becky from the Troo Hoops store in NYC.
See more of Becky's hooping on her website.

A preview of the Hoop Girl Hoop Dance for Beginners video.

Anna Jack stopped in to show us some of her multi-hoops and great separations with our Collapsible Hoops. Catch more of Anna on her site:

Megan Miller hoop dancing with her Troo Hoops Collapsible hoop.


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